family tree

I love to start projects, or plan projects. I have Pinterest boards that would make you cry they are so beautiful, and so many saved magazines it makes Karl a little crazy. I can SEE it all in my  head, but somehow I often seem to lose momentum before I get to the finished part. Maybe it's the whole little-guys-not-giving-me-much-time-to-sit thing. But this week I did finish a fun little embroidery project I started a year or so ago. I'm giving myself a little grace with this one since we have been living in four different homes since I started it, and the majority of the time it was in a box in transit somewhere between here and Jordan.

I saw this on Etsy (which is an entirely too dangerous site for me!) designed by Liz of the lovely shop cozyblue and loved it, especially being able to add on new "leaves" as our family hopefully expands over the years. There's something about family trees that I just love, and this one was so unique and creative. It's a fun addition to the artwork in our bedroom.


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