A conversation Karl had recently with a co-worker:

K: So, Rob, at what point in a marriage do you completely understand your wife, knowing what she means and why she does things? Year two? It's year two, isn't it?

R: Yeah, Karl. Year two.

K: That's what I thought.

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Melgodspell said...

Hi, Kristin--

I hope you don't mind a comment from your old choir accompanist. I enjoy reading your blog, which I found through the link on your Facebook page. You write very well.

My husband and I are nearing anniversary #14 this coming September. I don't know that anyone can ever say they understand another person completely, male or female. What is nice about marriage, though, is that you gradually grow more comfortable with the other's ways of living each day and dealing with the world. It helps especially if you have similar personalities (which me and my husband do) and also if you are a Christian couple.